Herbal Medicine to Restore Health

 It’s common that our first experience with herbal medicine is in the kitchen. Cooking with fresh culinary herbs is often the secret to distinct flavorful dishes. Favorite foods may come to mind based on the aroma of the herbs. They may evoke a special taste or smell or a good memory or physical feeling. There are hundreds, even thousands of herbal medicines that are used for cooking or mainly as […]

Healthy Aging and Oriental Medicine: Qi is the secret

Healthy Aging and Oriental Medicine Is there a limit to Qi energy reserves? It is known in fundamental science, that the human form has a limited life span. This is true for most living species. What influences healthy aging of each living organism and especially the human form is unique to each individual based on common factors. In Oriental Medicine, aging is viewed not by age but by the amount […]

Is Your Blood Sugar Getting Out of Control?

It is so common to hear about the growing population of diabetes and its dangers to long term health. The key to its prevention is recognizing it at its earliest stage. So how do you know if you already have early signs of diabetes or a blood sugar problem at all?And how do you know if the fatigue you have after meals or the constant feeling of fatigue has anything […]

Protecting the Immune System with Vitamin D3

Do you Thrive during Flu Season without getting Sick? Although we are already beginning to see early signs of spring it is does not mean we are near the end of the flu or viral season. Science has confirmed that common cold viruses don’t survive as well in warmer temperatures compared to colder temperatures. Essentially thermal heat suppresses their survival. So by keeping the body heat higher especially by exercising […]

Japanese Acupuncture: “How is it different?”

Japanese acupuncture is far gentler than that used in Traditional Chinese medicine. After practicing Traditional Chinese acupuncture for more than ten years, I discovered that Japanese acupuncture techniques were not only gentler, but also entailed more refined skills of clinical observation. It made sense to me that if I used gentler treatments with more refined diagnostic skills, each treatment would be more individualized according to the patients’ needs. The needles […]

Study Shows Acupuncture Relieves Low-back Pain

Chronic low back pain is one of the most common reasons that people seek medical treatment. Acupuncture has been reported to be effective in providing symptomatic relief of chronic low back pain. However, it is not known whether the effects of acupuncture are due to the needling itself or nonspecific effects arising from the manipulation. To determine the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy, a meta-analysis was performed to compare acupuncture with […]