Integrative Medicine blends the best aspects of western medicine plus nutrition and Oriental Medicine.

My initial experiences practicing western medicine was in a rural community where doctors were scarce. That is, scarce in the domain of public health. There were plenty of private practice physicians but none were available to see those who were using the public health system. There was a semi-retired physician who served as a medical director while I provided the county services to the population of pregnant women, children, adults and those incarcerated.  Western medicine provided these necessary services and included preventative health care including immunizations.

A contrasting experience was when I was working in a densely populated urban emergency room. Here is where I helped save lives, treated wounds caused by acts of horrific violence and medical cases complicated by poor health care. Western medicine was a savior and often prevented impending death.

In my current private practice I mainly treat those who are interested in getting well and regaining control over their own health care. Although there are many types of health care to choose from, a personalized approach is more targeted to individualized needs.  

Often a visit with a doctor for a new problem is remedied with a medication. The medication may remedy a symptom but never resolves what is causing the problem.

A common example is a typical ankle sprain. Typical medical recommendations include anti-inflammatory medication, pain medication, and ice. Without supporting the underlying structural weakness, taking nutrients to repair the damaged tissue and calm the inflammation, plus physical and energetic support, the ankle may never be the same. Commonly, it becomes a lifelong weakness. It may become more impaired if while the pain is masked with medications instead of targeted nutrients, further can injury occur. Further damage often leads to surgery which can further weaken it. A vicious cycle of damage and partial repair continues without resolving and repairing the natural tissue.

Chronic medical problems can revolve in the same vicious cycle.

When medications are prescribed for an initial problem without resolving the underlying cause, a more chronic condition usually follows. Additional medications are often prescribed to counter adverse effects of the others. Over time, this wears down physiological function and vitality.

The goal is to choose prevention over intervention, natural remedies where possible over prescription medications, diet over drugs, and exercise and energetics over surgery.

It uses cutting edge research in testing for nutritional balance and applies a combination of remedies to restore natural body function. It is considered a specialty of medicine. Just as you wouldn’t go to a dentist to treat your sprained ankle, in kind, you wouldn’t go to an internist to seek out a more natural and more functional way to balance your health.

Family disease patterns, lifestyle factors, nutritional factors, diet, and energetics are part of an integrative approach to promote good and long lasting health. Western medicine specialists practice medicine by prescribing medications and surgery; Integrative Medicine specialists practice medicine by restoring health without interfering with the body’s natural function.

You choose your medicine by choosing your doctor.