“I went to see Dr. Quattro for severe, chronic pain resulting from several spine surgeries.”

After having been under the care of doctors who did nothing but give me cortisone shots, I had lost hope. After a few months seeing her, I experienced a significant decrease in pain—from a 7 or 8 (on a pain scale of 1 to 10) to a 3 or 4 now. Her deep knowledge and sensitivity was so refreshing—and I never felt rushed, I never felt like a case. The sciatic pain in my left leg is gone; I can lift my arm above my head. My appetite has also improved and I have begun to gain some weight.

“Because my body was so inflamed, she advised against eating gluten which causes inflammation. She doesn’t rely on just one approach – she uses western and eastern medicine together, which is very effective. For example, she did a complete work-up on me with lab tests and blood work and found I was deficient in a lot of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to functions. I started taking the nutritional supplements and getting acupuncture and herbs every week. When she prescribes the supplements, she also explains thoroughly what the benefit is so you understand why you’re taking it.

“In researching my pain syndrome, she discovered I had endometriosis and that was the reason for much of my pain. She worked closely with my surgeon to coordinate a hysterectomy. Her compassion and kindness, true dedication and knowledge are beyond any doctor I’ve gone to—and I’ve been to a lot of them. I know I am still a “work in progress” but I now have hope to live a life without chronic pain. And for that and so much more, I thank you.”


“On a scale of 1 to 10, Dr. Quattro is an 11. “
I was in crisis mode when I first went to see her, having abdominal issues. She diagnosed it right away as a gall bladder problem. I found her attunement and depth of knowledge very reassuring. I had never had acupuncture and I didn’t know what to expect, but she uses the Japanese needles which are super-thin. The first treatment she gave was just to introduce me, and it was so relaxing. After that, I start going regularly for acupuncture. She also gave me various herb formulas and a list of foods to avoid, and taught me some chi gong exercises which I like a lot.

Her approach is multi-faceted. Besides getting regular acupuncture with her, she’s my go-to practitioner for women’s health: annual check up, pap smear, breast exam. As I continue to see her, the herb formulas change with time and so do her treatments, gently pushing my body into a deeper level of health. I now have the energy and focus to pursue a challenging graduate program which I am totally loving. Thank you, Dr. Quattro!”


“Dr. Quattro is a phenom.”

She has helped me feel better than I have in 20 years. She has also helped several members of my family with chronic problems that most doctors just wanted to give medication for.


“Cynthia Quattro cares about health.”

It was so refreshing to visit her for the first time. She didn’t take my blood pressure or look in my throat: instead she listened to me tell her about my body!! How refreshing!! She always spends a lot of time working with me while I am in her office. Very caring, with lots of dignity. I never feel rushed, and my concerns have always been taken seriously.

When I first saw her I was in chronically ill health. She put me on a vitamin, Chinese herb, and acupuncture regime and I soon began to thrive! I really like that she can/will also prescribe Western medicine when it is appropriate.

I’ve used Dr. Quattro’s services to address low immunity, indigestion, tropical parasites, and women’s health issues. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dignified and holistic approach to their own health


“Cynthia Quattro is at the top of my list when it comes to healthcare professionals. I initially went to her for acupuncture to get more energy and she recognized immediately that I had been bitten by a tick. She’s an amazing detective—she picked it up just my looking at me.

I was really fortunate to get diagnosed right away because Lyme Disease can cause a lot of long-term problems. I really appreciate her balanced approach—the fact that she is trained in both western and oriental medicine means I can get acupuncture from her as well as antibiotics. I continue to see her for various issues. She’s especially helped me with my shoulder problems.”


“I started seeing Dr Quattro 5 and 1/2 years ago.”

I have been seeing her weekly ever since. Before seeing her I had heart palpitations so loud it sounded like a drum in my bed. I took nitroglycerin pills every night. I had a hard time breathing. I had major swelling in my body and legs. Heart doctors put me on diuretics and fish oil. I was exhausted…. It is five and a half years later and I have no problems with my heart or breathing. My energy is wonderful. I take the herbs she gives me every day and receive acupuncture every week. She saved my life.


“As a patient with chronic illness, my symptoms can change daily.”

I need a treatment program that can adapt to my changing needs. Treatments by Dr. Quattro do that perfectly. The Japanese style acupuncture truly resonates with me and in my opinion has made me feel better than I have felt in 20 years! The better I feel, the better my body can deal with adversity, and the more adversity it can handle the more stability I experience. This is quite a balancing act, one that’s always in motion. Let’s not forget the herbs and supplements as they are very important and a daily intake, definitely a strong part of the balance. The quality of the vitamins, supplements and herbs are top notch and Dr. Quattro’s knowledge is impressive. The herbs are concentrated into granules. You no longer have to boil down (which usually took 1/2 an hour) bulk herbs. Now it’s just mix a couple spoons in half a cup of warm water, so easy! I feel very fortunate to have her on my side.


“Dr. Quattro has helped me manage some pre-existing conditions as well as problems with insomnia and other health concerns that have come up.”

She has been my primary health care physician for over five years and I find her care invaluable. I go to Dr. Quattro for all of my health issues that come up. Blood tests are also done in her office. She interprets them and integrates her recommendations for herbs and vitamins into her health plan for me. I truly feel I have never been healthier and with her excellent care I am able to manage the chronic problems that I have. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is interested in care that is personal and directed towards a more integrated approach to health.


What brought me to Dr. Quattro initially was my concern that I was taking the right supplements.

Over the years, she has gotten me through some challenging health issues. Even though I have an MD, I see Dr. Quattro for my primary care. I find her to be a phenomenal diagnostician—on target every time.

A while ago, I developed a cold and it kept getting worse. Finally I went to Cynthia and she diagnosed me right away with pneumonia. She treated me with acupuncture, antibiotics, put me on a vitamin C drip with some other vitamins, along with Chinese herbs. Knocked it right out. More recently I had a digestive problem, was really bloated and knew something wrong—she diagnosed it as gallbladder and put me on Chinese herbs and homeopathy. My problem resolved quickly.

I continue to see her for my monthly acupuncture tune up. The way she uses both conventional and oriental medicine has proven to me that there isn’t just one way—east or west—that is right.”