Every fall I harvest these medicinal  flowers from a local organic farm. I’m delighted to offer them to you as a mild tasting gentle calming medicinal tea.
Chrysanthemum morifolium, is a Chinese sourced herb and not just admired for its bright colors but also for its remarkable medicinal qualities. It is known best for its beneficial effect on sleep and relaxation. Its cooling quality is good for the eyes, headaches, and allergies. It is also a gentle liver cleanser and calms high blood pressure. Stop by my office for a cup of tea to taste its mild soothing flavor!
Stay Healthy Protect Your Immune System
During this unprecedented time living with the threat of the COVID-19 virus, the best protection is to boost your immune system. It may reduce your chances of getting it or if you do, it may reduce the risks to only a mild infection. The suggestions here apply to the prevention of any type of virus during the cold and flu season.
Fortunately, most cases of COVID-19 are mild and can usually be managed safely at home. If you have natural remedies on hand it can be treated more quickly at the earliest sign or symptoms of a potential virus. But even before a potential exposure you can focus on supporting your immune system beginning now and staying in good health.
Stay Warm
It is known that viruses survive better in colder temperatures than warmer ones. Keep your body temperature warm to help your vital organ function protect you. Wear extra layers and avoid cold drafts and wind. Keep your sleep environment warm too so your organs can rest and be restored during the night. Wear socks, legwarmers, and a cap  to help prevent the loss of body heat even when you are indoors. Warm up outside. Sunshine is not only warming but it increases “feel good” brain endorphins,
You can keep your interior organs warmer by drinking and eating foods that are warming. Use warming spices in your cooking like cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger. Ginger is a potent anti inflammatory and can be used in many different ways. An organic root can be kept in the freezer and grated easily into any food or tea. Smaller slices of the root can be boiled in water to make ginger tea or added to soups. It can also be taken in capsules or sprinkled on food in its powder form.
At the first signs of a cold or virus like an achy muscles, a slight sore throat, chills, or headache drink lots of ginger tea, bundle up in warm clothes and feel the sweat. Inducing a sweat will interrupt the viral attacking pattern and push it out through your sweat pores. Sweating it out  really means letting your pores open to release the virus that is trying to go deeper. Sitting in a sauna, steam, hot bath, or shower can also help but be sure not to get chilled afterwards. Get extra rest and avoid excess exertion of any kind once you feel the slightest viral symptoms.
Anti Viral Remedies
The sooner early symptoms are treated there is less of a chance of it going deeper and infiltrating the lungs or causing sinus and lung infections. 
There are many anti viral remedies to consider. Proven studies have shown Vitamin C especially at high doses have protective action against viruses. It has been used safely intravenously in doses as high as 50,000 mg to ward off disease.
A commonly recommended oral dose is 2000mg 1 or 2 times daily. In its fat soluble form a smaller dose is needed for the same effect.
A Chinese herbal formula simply known as Yin Qiao if taken at the first signs of a virus can act quickly to suppress symptom onset. It is a combination of herbs that include forsythia bud (lian qiao) and honeysuckle flower (jin yin hua) which have potent anti viral effects.
Elderberry or Sambucus is known to be a good antiviral remedy but only if it’s an extract made by an ultra filtration method preserves the active ingredient anthocyanins.
Inflammation: Cytokine Storm
After the first symptoms of a virus appears the aim of the treatment is to prevent it from going “viral” or deeper into the cellular tissues. A cytokine storm causes inflammatory proteins to signal increased viral replication and damage to the lungs and kidneys.
Studies have shown that flavanoids like those found in fat soluble Curcumin and Resveratrol, plus Quercetin can reduce the spread of the virus.
I also recommend traditional Chinese herbal formulas that are individualized for each person and contain a combination of herbs that treat the deeper organs. Some herbs contain potent anti viral actions which can control adverse effects and damage to the respiratory system.
Prevention and Immune Support
While you are symptom free is the best time to review what you are doing to support your own innate immune system.
Start by eating more organic, nutrient rich foods and avoid toxic exposures. Nutritional supplements support the immune system and build your reserves to defend yourself against a virus.
  • Vitamin D3 (with K2) 5,000 iu daily (check blood levels)
  • Zinc picolinate 30mg
  • Selenium (methionine) 200mcg
  • Glutathione (fat soluble or Acetyl L form)
  • Medicinal mushroom like Coriolus, Shitake, Reishi, Cordyceps
  • Astragalus
To stay up to date on current recommendations by the CDC about  COVID-19 visit: 
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Healthy Aging and East Asian Medicine

What limits us from living indefinitely? Is there a way to preserve life sustaining Qi reserves?                                                                                      

It is known in fundamental science, that the human life span has a natural limit. In East Asian Medicine aging is viewed not by age, but by the amount of Qi reserve within the complex of all the body systems. There are several influential factors that determine longevity and the preservation of life sustaining Qi.
In ancient times without the knowledge known now as the Human Genome, Eastern Medicine scholars viewed longevity by the relative quantity or manifestation of Qi in the body.
Qi, also known as the essential life giving force, permeates every cell, tissue, and organ, and is also the trigger to signal a cell to thrive.
Inherited qi, also called Prenatal Qi, influences how much Qi a person is born with.This is set by family genetic patterns and fetal health during prenatal and neonatal life. These  conditions vary from person to person and sets the stage for the quality and quantity of Vital Qi as part of your health map. It also influences the potential for good health throughout the course of your life.

Blood Sugar Blues

Common symptoms of Blood Sugar Related Problems include: chronic muscle and joint pain, insomnia, mood swings, weight gain, hypertension, and digestion symptoms

Pre diabetes also related to Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome is one of the most common conditions that progresses with aging. It is most notable by a gradually increasing belly size. It has a good track record for causing some of the most common digestive health problems and increases the risk for chronic debilitating diseases. With a few key strategies you can change your metabolism and prevent its progression. Do you have a persistent growing belly that is getting harder to get rid of? Is your waist line getting in the way?
Fatigue after meals is one of the most common signs of a blood sugar problem. This is often because the amount of carbohydrates you are eating is not being supported by its partner “insulin” to help control the gradual decline of sugar. Or you are just eating too many carbs for your insulin to keep up with. There should be a steady rhythm between eating carbs, burning it as fuel, with insulin regulating its pace and effectiveness.Without carbohydrates as fuel, fat is the alternative fuel that converts into energy. Over time, too much sugar overwhelms this dance between carbs and insulin. Then communication stops and the rhythm between burning fuel and creating energy causes rogue levels of high blood sugar. Persistent higher levels lead not only to adult onset diabetes but also to more pain, inflammation, mood fluctuations, and dementia. Read More