Hormone Balance and a Clear Mind

For every women, Peri Menopause and Menopause is  a unique phase of change in a woman's natural life cycle. This pause is not just a pause in menstruation but in all that seemed routine or normal. In East Asian Medicine it is often called the "second spring". This is because frequently at this turning point, typically between the ages of 45 and 55, responsibilities and commitments to family and career […]

Creating Balance: Natural Treatments for Lyme Disease

 Lyme disease is commonly under diagnosed and under treated which often leads to persistent symptoms. The use of a natural Whole Body Systems approach or Integrative Medicine results in a better and longer lasting outcome.  Download FREE  E - Book  www.drquattro.com   Treatment options include: Japanese style Acupuncture       Gentle Acupuncture supports the Immune System and Relieves Toxins Trigger point therapy                    Targets areas of Persistent Pain and Relieves Neurologic Symptoms Nutrient […]

Heart Disease and Blood Sugar

Having a healthy heart is often related to dietary choices, but how does blood sugar levels directly impact the heart? These two conditions although they seem to have two different origins, are actually closely related. In early stages of blood sugar problems physical changes are often not detectable, but over time the effects of prolonged elevated blood sugar can impair the heart's condition. Broad fluctuations in blood sugar can also […]

Blood Sugar Control For A Healthy Heart

How is a healthy heart related to balanced blood sugar control? A healthy heart and balanced blood sugar may seem to be entirely unrelated but in medical reality they are very closely connected. In fact, what you eat and how you metabolize sugar has a direct impact on the stress load to your heart. Not only does persistent high blood sugar trigger changes in your weight and metabolism . . […]

Integrative Medicine for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is often thought of as a modern-day hidden epidemic. Patients can present with Lyme-disease symptoms years after being bitten by a disease-carrying tick (Ixodes Pacificus). Common presenting symptoms include chronic fatigue, myalgias, migrating arthalgias, and what is best described as brain fog. For several years, I have been treating chronic-disease patients who are looking for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment. Each patient presents a unique challenge to […]

Growing Medicinal Chinese Herbs Organically

An interview with Peg Schafer from Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm, Petaluma, CA Written By: Cynthia Quattro P.A., L.Ac.  DAOM “I would like to be an advocate not only for growers but for the plants themselves and of their medicine. It is important for people to know that growers can produce good quality herbs that are effective. “ Scutellaria baicalensis Huang qin      photo by Peg Schafer Hello Peg. Thank […]